This objective of this website is to inspire people who want to design and build their own stylish and environmentally friendly smart home. This site is an on-going study and collation of our ideas, stylish products, clever designs and relevant technology, whilst we research and plan the build of our next home. Our plan is simply to build the world's smartest house (in both senses of the word) with artificial intelligence at its heart, to enable intelligent interaction and a luxury user experience.

We are not eco-warriors but, we do plan to build a smart home that has minimal impact on the local environment, is a Net Positive Energy (NPE) home and provides many other benefits to the surrounding area. This includes a diverse set of habitats for wildlife. We do plan to make some concessions to the materials and technologies available.

More importantly, we want to have a much further environmental reach than just the physical location of our new home allows, by helping to educate many other people about the materials, designs and technologies that can be used in existing homes and new house builds. We also understand that technology is just a small part of the challenge in building a sustainable home and that's why we plan to extend and widen our own knowledge as part of the process.

This site also captures some of our experiments and projects undertaken whilst planning and designing our new build. A lot of the ideas and products are also currently being tried and tested in our current home. Whilst this site is primarily about our planned new build, a lot of the technology, products and services featured can be used in existing homes.

We also offer bespoke consultancy services for luxury home automation projects and smart home designs and implementations. Please contact us for more details.

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